7 Minute Stretches For Lower Back Pain Relief


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If you are one of the millions of people suffering from  lower back pain, you understand how doing simple things like picking up your shoes can be a challenge. By doing these 7 simple stretches, you can help eliminate your pain and have a better quality of  life. (Consult MD before doing these stretching exercises)


1. The hamstring floor stretch.

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Hold for 30 seconds twice for each leg.

2. Knee to chest stretch.



This helps strengthen and relax your glutes. Hold for 20 seconds for each leg twice.

3. Spinal stretch


Suffering from sciatica? Hold for 20 seconds and repeat on the other knee. Do this as many times as you like but don’t overdo it.

4. The piriformis stretch.


Hold for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

5. The hip flexors stretch


Hold for 30 seconds and then switch and repeat.

6. The quadriceps  stretch


Hold for 30 seconds on each side. Do this one twice on each side.


7. The total back stretch


Hold this for 30 seconds.



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