Do Pull Ups Like This And Get The Best Results

pull up

Pull Ups

 Have you ever seen someone with arms and shoulders that are amazingly toned and defined? Chances are they incorporate pull ups as part of their workout routine. It’s a great compound exercise that can lead to better posture and a stronger upper back. Convinced to try them yet? Here are a few more reasons to do these….


  • The Pull Up is a compound move that works your back, core, arms, and shoulders, with even secondary effect on the muscles in your chest. Essentially, it’s an upper body power house.
  • The Pull Up increases back and core strength, which combats the sedentary “sit down” lifestyle so many of us can’t avoid. By sitting in the car, at the office, for meals, etc., we literally weaken our back’s ability to support us.
  • The Pull Up re-engages your muscles to create a strong support next time you need to carry those moving boxes to the car.
    The increased back and core strength also leads to better posture. Working to strengthen your upper body with compound moves directly correlates to good posture.
  • The Best Benefit – A toned, shaped physique. A Pull Up works literally every muscle from your waist to your neck. Compound or “dynamic” moves like this train your body to shed pounds faster because it needs to use more energy. For the guys, the classic V-Shape is built from a sturdy wide group of shoulder and upper-back muscles. For the ladies, a slender upper body with toned armband defined back muscles give that classic fit look without adding bulk or extra size.


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