Time To Fix These Common Fitness Mistakes


Fitness Mistakes, Time to Change Them

fitness mistakes

5. Forgetting to Breathe
This one sounds so simple, but it’s actually so often done. Don’t get so into your workout that you hold your breath as you move through your routine. Start each movement with a centering breath and rhythm and hold that focus throughout the entire exercise. This will provide you more oxygen for better performance.

6. Skipping a Warm-Up
Although it’s tempting to cut to the chase, it’s never a good idea to forgo the warm-up portion of your workout. This is the time your body needs to get your blood pumping and muscles firing. Prior to your workout, you should do dynamic movements such as side bends, trunk twists, squats, arm circles and shoulder shrugs. You’ll know you’re warmed up when you begin to break a sweat.

7. Skipping a Cool-down
Skipping a cool-down is right up there with forgoing warm-ups. It’s essential to give your body a chance to release tension and reach a more stable state with an even breath. To do this, it’s important to incorporate some deep breathing, static stretches and slow movement such as walking t the end of your workout. An ideal cool-down is about 10 minutes long.

8. Thinking cardio is enough. Many people think that they need only a cardiovascular exercise program. We begin losing muscle at age 30, and need strength training to build muscles, which increases metabolism and burns more calories.

Do any of these sound a little too familiar?

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