5 Keys to Getting Flatter Abs

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There is a Secret to Getting Flat Abs

We’ve been look to find the solution to getting a flatter stomach, and the answer is actually very simple… It all boils down to commitment and a true desire for change. Follow these helpful tips below from chickrx, and I know you can do this too!



The secret to flat abs is your diet: it’s 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent exercise. Eating a clean, quality diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat proteins (in the appropriate amounts) is the best way to get better abs and a better body overall. Skip commercial snack foods like donuts, cakes, cookies, chips (even the organic ones), processed foods, high-fat salad dressings, all fried foods, and fast foods.
Kimberly Garrison, CPT, CYT, CNC (Certified Personal Trainer, YogaTeacher, Consultant)

Eat clean but also watch your starches and sugars. For most women, I recommend that you keep your carbs at about 30 grams or less per meal, eat no more than two fruits daily, and save sugar and sweets for the occasional indulgence.
Kathleen Bundy, MS, RD, CLT (Registered Dietitian)

Reduce Bloating
Constipation can cause excess gas and bloating. Therefore, make sure you stay hydrated (aim for about 8 glasses of water daily), consume adequate fiber (~25 grams for women and ~37-38 grams for men daily), and exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week.

Take it easy on the alcohol, which in excess can cause water retention and make you look a bit swollen and feel bloated. Sometimes carbonated drinks like seltzer can trap gas in your intestines so enjoy flat, filtered water instead.

Limit sodium as it can make the body retain water, and make you feel bloated. And avoid sugar-free foods that contain sugar alcohols. These sugar alcohols (anything ending in “ol’ like sorbitol, xylitol) are like laxatives, and often cause bloating and gas. Not what you what for a flat belly…
Jacqueline Aizen (Registered Dietitian)

Stop eating when you are 80 percent full. Overeating can lead to abdominal bloating, distention, and pain.
Lori Boone (Registered Dietitian)

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