How To Wash Your Workout Clothes And Save Money

washing workout clothes

Washing Your Workout Clothes The Right Way


  Did you know that you can get a longer life out of your performance wear by washing them properly? You can get the most out of your workout gear and save yourself some money by following a few simple tips.

Washing your workout gear with your other clothing can degrade the fabric by clogging the fabric and making it less effective (wicking/antimicrobial). So if you want to get the most out of them, try these tricks and save yourself money by extending the use of your favorite yoga pants.


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 Don’t use fabric softener

Fabric softener can often be blamed for keeping clothes from getting totally clean when they are in the wash cycle. Since it tends to coats certain fibers, preventing them from being able to absorb water when being washed.


Use cold water

Since technical fibers are generally on the delicate side, in most cases it’s best to use cold water to wash them. This will help maintain any special performance properties for many workouts to come.


Don’t submerge your kicks

Don’t put your workout or running shoes in the washing machine. You can degrade the midsole cushioning and render them less protective when it comes to pavement pounding and other active endeavors. (This could create injuries.)


Use scent-free detergent

 They may smell nice, but detergents with scents, perfumes, softeners, or additives can leave residue on your clothes after they come out of the washing machine, which can eventually degrade the fabric of your clothes, says Tracy Byrnes, Athleta senior manager of innovation and product information. “That can cause a breakdown in your clothes’ performance attributes and wicking ability, and actually cause foul odor,” she says.


Keep your gym bag fresh

gym bag

Sometimes we do not have the luxury of airing out our gym clothes right after a workout and sometimes we’re stuck leaving our sweaty gym clothes in a gym bag for hours on end – this sucks because it’s a dark, damp environment in there – BUT – if you whip yourself together a baking soda, rice and essential oil gym bag deodorizing sachet you will really help matters!


Hang them up

Get those sweaty clothes out of your gym bag and onto the side of your hamper (where they can dry) or into the wash ASAP. If you leave clothes sweaty in a gym bag, the garments could begin to deteriorate quicker than if it they are laundered shortly after use. Mold and mildew can begin to grow on workout gear that is left in a gym bag or laundry basket.


Quick Tip:

  • Soak your soiled items in one part vinegar to four parts water for 30 minutes to disinfect and loosen stains before putting clothes in the washing machine. Be careful not to mix vinegar with bleach. If your detergent has bleach, simply rinse the clothes in fresh water before putting them in the washing machine.


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