100 Genius Ways to Lose one Pound


Easy ways to lose one pound…

 With all of the advice out there these days, it really isn’t that complicated if you think about it. It really boils down to education and commitment. Below are just a few ideas to help get you on the right path to achieving your goals. You CAN do it!


Calorie Burners

One pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Seems like a lot, but if you add  these 500-calorie burning workouts every day for a week, then you’ve lost one pound gone. (Calories burned are based on a 125 pound woman.)

1. 45-minute jog at a 10-minute mile pace

2. 60-minute cycling session

3. 90 minutes on the elliptical

4. 50 minutes on the Stairmaster

5. 70 minutes of resistance training – i.e. lifting weights


6. 45-minute breaststroke swim

7. 45 minute of treading water

8. 2-hour walk at a moderate pace

9. 1-hour Zumba class

10. 2-hour Power Yoga class


11. 90-minute Pilates class

12. 1-hour Barre class. A new workout craze, these ballet-inspired classes slim and tone the body with pulsing movements that target the core, arms and lower body.

13. 1 hour of dancing. Head to a studio or round up the girls for a night out.

14. 65 minutes on the ski slopes

15. 50 minutes of cross country skiing

16. 40-minute jump rope session

17. 70-minute fist fight with the punching bag. Word of advice: You may want to break this one up into two sessions to protect the knuckles.

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18. 3 hours of shopping. To get the most out of opening your wallet, skip the escalators and hit the stairs.

19. 50 minutes of hula hooping. The childhood pastime burns 10 calories a minute.

20. 50 minutes of shoveling snow

21. 40 minutes on the rock climbing wall

22. A 50-minute beach volleyball game. The sand’s unstable surface helps you burn more calories in a shorter time frame.

23. 60 minutes on the rowing machine

24. 90-minute ride on horse back

25. 90-minute kayak ride

26. 2 ½ hours golfing, but make sure you carry the clubs!

27. 2 ½ hour hike

28. 2-hour round of tennis

29. 40 minutes of martial arts

30. 45 minutes of jumping rope


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