Give Your Butt A Boost With These Moves!


Get A More Rounded Butt With These Exercises


If you’re like most everybody right now, you’re probably obsessed with butts and butt exercises. It seems to be one of the most treasured assets you can have. If you’re looking for new ways to up yours in shape, try these five moves. What I like about each of these is that you can do them at home and they require minimal to no equipment at all.


Starting in plank positon on hands or elbows. Straighten one leg and lift slightly, hold that position at the knee while bending knee as much as possible, squeeze for 2 . Be sure to hold knee stable — do not let it drop to properly activated the hamstrings and of course the glutes. This is a great exercise for the glute-ham tie in just under your cheeks, which is a tough area to target.
Complete 100 reps total, alternating sides when needed
When arm get fatigued push back into child’s pose

  PLANK KNEE LEG LIFT (SIDE): Start in side plank position with your legs in line with your body…elevate hand if you like. Slide top knee into bent knee position, then from this position lift leg out to side and hold for 3 counts. After 10 reps alternate sides. Complete 100 reps total (50 ea side). If you have wrist problems this execise can be done on eldow. 


Take an extra wide stance with toes pointing out. Now, holding a light weight (optional) lower into a deep plie squat and pulse for 2, pushing the knees back. Then, raise up onto toes, squeezing glutes and pressing arms overhead for 1 rep.
Continue alternating from pulse 2 to press (this is 1 rep) Complete 100 total reps Stay down in plie as long as possible, stand briefly to rest.

    Step Ups


Squat to leg lift

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