How to Make Running Easier


If you are new to running, read on….

If you are new to running or are thinking about starting, there are a few things that you should know to keep focused and succeed. Without a plan, it’s easy to give up, or worse, get injured. Read on to get 5 tips to help you start off on the right foot.

Get a Schedule

In order for your body to become more use to the demands of running , you have to run regularly. Instead of fitting in random runs, it’s important to stick with a weekly schedule. Start off with three or four times a week.

Pace Yourself

There’s no need to start off running seven-minute miles. Slow down your speed enough so you’re breathing faster than you would if just walking. Slowing down will allow you to focus on correct running form, which can alleviate common running aches. As your body becomes stronger, your pace will increase naturally.

Have Fun

If you hate every second of your run, you’re doing something wrong. Exploring running in new places, listening to your favorite tunes or a book on tape. Bring a friend.

   Run up Hill

Having strong leg muscles will make running feel like a breeze. Running uphill will feel incredibly challenging, but as soon as you get to the top and start running on a flat surface, you’ll be amazed at how much easier running feels.

   Don’t Just Run

Run regularly to train your body to make running feel easier, but if  its the only workout you do, boredom and repetitive-stress injuries can make it unbearable. Mix it up. By doing other types of cardio you will strengthen your body in different ways.

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Good Luck! You can do it!

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