Do This Kick-Butt Full-Body Dynamic Warm-up

Dynamic Warm-Up To Accelerate Your Workouts

Not so fast dynamic warm-up with a little twist


A dynamic warm-up is so effective, you can use this specific full body routine before you exercise, play sports, go running, etc. Stop doing the boring static stretching, static movements that take too long to get your body going.

Your body is accustom to moving (dynamic) and not staying still (static) when you are exercising. Not only will you increase your heart rate and core body temperature, you are actively stretching the muscles at the same time. To maximize your range of motion your body has to be warmed-up and not tight and cold, which can lead to injuries. Ideally, you want to perform each movement with control, good balance and adding in pauses in the descending portion of each exercise.

Benefits Of Dynamic Warm-Ups & Stretching

  1. These warm-ups engage multiple muscles that help to increase your range of motion. They activate muscles you use during your workout. So doing walking or standing lunges but add rotation (twisting) to the movement. So now you involve your core muscles (abs & back) quads, hamstrings, glueteal muscles (butt), etc.
  2. During dynamic movements this will enhance mind and body awareness. If you just jump into your weight training, running routine, sports, etc. it will take longer for your body to adjust but more likely to increase your chances of injury. Multiple movements will increase your overall balance and stability which enhances performance.
  3. If you simply want to perform better, adding in a pre-dynamic warm-up routine gets you well prepared for the upcoming challenges you’ll put your body through.

The King Of Kings Of Dynamic Exercises

  • Lunge With Rotation (Twisting)
  • Hip Stretch With Rotation (Twisting)
  • High Kicks
  • Knee To Chest
  • T-Push-Ups (Twisting)
  • Jump Lunges (Steady & Slow)
  • Jump Squats (Slow Descend)

These are more common exercises that make up a solid dynamic warm-up routine
and you can add or subtract exercises to the mix. The key is to perform each
exercise with superior form and balance to achieve greater effectiveness.

Here is a video by BuiltLean that illustrates each dynamic move!